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For all your architectural and decoration projects everywhere in the world, Novidis custom makes ornamental mouldings. Thanks to an innovative process of faux stone, Novidis can intervene at the creation of your building, or its refurbishment. Novidis can advise you at the conception of your project, supervise the design and the pattern lay-out, then manufacture the moulded elements (stone, gypsum, rosin) while keeping up with an extremely rigorous quality control. Novidis can then install on your site, everywhere in the world.
This process covers all the guarantees of construction and is long-lasting even in the most extreme conditions (heat, freeze, vibrations, fire, water…) Novidis also intervenes in the making of interior moulded decorative elements, and brings your most extravagant projects to life!


Novidis coordinates a pool of talents and skills in order to be able to offer you a global solution, from your project’s conception to its final construction. Our experience allows us to fully control each step, respect the deadlines, and permanently keep up with your project, in real time and with only one interlocutor. Our world famous quality that insures excellence in your project is guaranteed by several independent control bureaus: Veritas, CSTB, Warrington, Ove Arup.

Our Dedication
We are dedicated to work on challenging projects where we can give you the best, as much in products as in manufacturing or installing techniques, even in the most critical conditions: freezing / thawing cycles, extreme heat, vibrations or elasticity of the metal structures… Moulding craft and techniques…


From contemporary design to academic layouts, our design department can work on any project. Each designed piece is translated into electronic format and becomes a workshop drawing. It keeps up with a manufacturing planning as well as a technical layout during the implementation of the project.


Novidis’s originality consists in gathering the talent and know-how of sculptors to create the models, of carpenters to make the moulds, of expert moulders in working with gypsum and constructed stone. Each project is unique; Novidis uses the best products and techniques for moulding, and turn out, according to the construction conditions.
Novidis Premix has a lot in common with natural stone of which it can replicate the texture, the look and the color. The moulding techniques associated with this mineral composite material that cannot freeze cover all demands from the control bureaus of the building trade.


Novidis uses its own installation team in order to keep up with the quality control until the achievement, on land and also on the biggest cruise ships. Starting from a central factory, our teams can go anywhere in the world to install and supervise mobile workshops with a centralized monitoring system.

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